Tennis Clinics 2017


Tennis Clinics will now be available throughout the spring and summer at The Blandford Golf and Tennis Club, both to current members and the public for a small fee per clinic.

FREE TENNIS CLINICS FOR MEMBERS: Schedule to be announced.

Instruction is provided by Kurt Weber, singles and doubles champion of the Lee Tennis Association. Kurt has played and instructed tennis since he was captain of his college team. Kurt teaches tennis in Florida and at The Blandford Golf and Tennis Club and he also runs the Junior tennis instruction program at the club. Group tennis lessons are available in the Junior Program. See the Junior Golf tab under Golf heading for details for Junior Tennis group lessons. Clinics will help improve skills such as doubles play, serves, proper form, backhand and forehand strokes.


"Kurt has a way of spotting what I'm doing wrong in just a few minutes and then getting me back on track" Bill O.


When asked about his teaching attributes Kurt explains that his professional physical education degree and varied coaching experiences have gifted him with the ability analyze stroke mechanics and make simple corrections to help the student maximize their potential. " I know that I can't turn my students into overnight professional players but I can demonstrate and explain in clear terms what they can do to significantly improve their stroke mechanics and play."

A nominal per person fee will be charged and includes guest fee at Blandford Club. e-mail Kurt at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"Recently retired and a beginner, I now enjoy playing twice weekly with the men's group. Kurt's a excellent instructor!" Bob M.

 The club has Prince and Lobster ball machines for members to practice their strokes on their own. We also have a tennis practice backboard. Please call Kurt Weber to arrange for tennis lessons. 413-269-6853

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