Is The Blandford Golf and Tennis Club a private facility? If so, can I play the course before I join?

Yes, The Blandford Golf and Tennis Club is a private club with approximately 150 members and was establlished in 1909. We invite the public to call and request a reservation to come play a round of golf or tennis at our guest rates, and to receive a tour and more information about membership.

Do I need a sponsor to join and is there an initiation fee?

No, a sponsor is not a requirement this year nor is there an initiation fee to apply for membership in The Blandford Golf and Tennis Club.

Is this an exclusive Country Club?

No, the Club is an INCLUSIVE golf, tennis and social club where people of all races, age groups and ethnicities come together to enjoy the games of golf and tennis and enjoy participating in social events that bring the members together. You will find we are a very friendly, welcoming group of individuals and look forward to getting to know new members.

Do I have to call to reserve a tee time or time on the tennis courts?

Members never have to call in advance for a tee time or court time. We intentionally keep our membership small to allow our members to play just about whenever they want to unless there is league or tournament play. If unsure about course or court availability, please call our Pro shop or refer to other arreas of this website for league times and tournament dates.

Do you have electric carts available to rent and MUST I use them?

Yes, we have electric golf carts available for rent. The unescorted guest fee for cart rental is M-Th: $9 for 9 holes; $15 for 18 holes. F-Sun: MANDATORY cart rental/golf fees prior to 2:00 pm are combined at $30 for 9 holes; $55 for 18 holes.  After 2:00 pm: $20 to walk 9 holes/$30 to walk 18 holes; $30 for 9 holes with cart/$40 for 18 holes with cart.  Members cart fees $9 for 9 holes; $15 for 18 holes M-Sun. Cart rental is only mandatory for members if the tournament play requires.

 New rate schedule link coming soon!

Do you have league play for men and women and can anyone participate?

Yes, we have many leagues for men and women in both areas of golf and tennis. ONLY FULL ATHLETIC AND SECONDARY MEMBERS MAY PARTICIPATE IN LEAGUE PLAY. The golf leagues meet both evenings, to accomodate those that are working during the day, and mornings or early afternoons. Please refer to our golf and tennis pages to find the days and times these leagues meet. The fee for the women's golf league is $25 for the season and the women sign up to play on a week to week basis, as available. The pro sets up the groups to play every week. The men's league operates on a partner basis for the entire season. If you or your partner are unable to play one week, it is your responsibility to find an alternate to play in your place for that week. For men's league fees, contact the pro at the club and he will also try to assist you in finding a partner if you are new to the club or league.

I have a membership in a Country Club near by, but find it hard to get a tee time at my club - how can I play yours?

We have an affordable Secondary Membership for those that have a primary membership at local Country Clubs in the area. We welcome Secondary members to our club where tee times are available without prior reservations in most cases. You are also welcome to participate in our leagues. Please see the Membership tab to find out more about this classification.

Do you have a practice range and can the public use it?

Yes, we have a new full swing practice range that is available at no cost to our members.  It is open to the general public on a daily basis for $8.00 per half hour availability determined by the Pro. Range balls and pick up are provided for free. You just have to check in with the Pro to make sure the range is available for use. We ask that drivers not be used, but all other clubs are acceptable.

Are there any times when the public can use your tennis courts?

Yes, starting last season, this portion of our club is now semi-private, allowing the general public to book court time by the hour for $25; or after 4pm for $15. Individuals may play no more than one time per week, and are welcome to play with our men's and women's leagues. You must call for a reservation.

Can I get a short term membership for tennis if I am only vacationing here for a few weeks?

Yes, a new short term tennis membership is available in 2016 for $100 per person for one month of unlimited play. This is limited to one or two months per season.

Is The Blandford Golf and Tennis Club available to rent for weddings or family gatherings?

Yes! Our ballroom or front gathering room may be just the venues you are looking for to host a wedding reception, shower, or family reunion. We also have charming, turn of the century rooms to rent in the clubhouse. Please contact our House representative, Gayle Whitley at 413-642-3050 or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get more information.